We didn’t just design it so it should work and then walk away! Oh No! We tested it using two different methods.
1. We threw dog treats into the prototype Litter Defender and encouraged the dog to get them. We tested small, medium and large dogs.
Result: Only 1 dog (a Healer) out of the 27 tested were able to get the treat. That’s a 96% success rate. The vast majority of the dogs just looked sadly through the hole.

We placed prototypes in peoples houses to see if the Litter Defender stopped litter scatter and to see if dogs would raid the box when no-one was looking.Result: Zero litter scattered and no dogs raiding the box.When we first had a problem with the dog in the litter box, we did some research to see if other people did too. We polled both dog and cat owners, and just cat owners to see if people were looking for a solution to this problem. We found they were. Here are some of the results from our polls.

Desire something different graph

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Litter Scatter Problem

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