22″ Length X 18″ Width X 17″ Height (16 + 1 for grill)

Our high walled, covered lid design not only provides complete privacy to your cats but also reduces litter scatter. Further, our grated lid reduces litter scatter by removing sand from your kitty toes, and dropping it back into the box when they exit. It also ensures a free flow of air and doesn’t trap odors when compared to traditional top entry litter boxes.


Beautiful octagon shaped box will be made from premium plastic material.
This shape allows the fasteners to be accessed even when the box is pushed into a corner.



We used geometry when designing the grate, which virtually eliminates litter scatter from enthusiastic diggers. In addition, placing the hole in the center limits dog access. Dogs that can reach the hole, and get their heads through, can’t reach the kitty roca as it’s still to far away. In testing, we found that dogs know how big their heads are and don’t want to risk getting stuck, so most don’t even try.

Our special design on the grate filters out horizontally moving litter particles, making it nearly impossible for litter to be spread from a cat digging in the box, no matter how enthusiastic the excavation.
This hole gives a point for your cat to enter and exit from any direction, rather than just one, as offered by other top entry litter boxes.


Most covered litter boxes on the market don’t fasten the lid securely, allowing dogs to simply remove the lid to get to the poopsie rolls. The Litter Defender uses four fasteners to ensure the grate stays in place. The insertion lock fits securely in the corners, and ensures your pets can’t fiddle or chew it out.