About us

The Litter Defender is the first product being brought to market by Out Of My Head innovations LLC.

Out Of My Head Innovations is owned and operated by:

Karen Remick
Founder, Owner

I’ve always been curious and needed to know not only how things worked, but why. I graduated from the University of Milwaukee with a BS in physics in 1989. After some time working customer service jobs, I moved to Alaska and went to grad school at the University of Alaska – Fairbanks and graduated with my PhD in Space Physics in 2004. I started a scientific consulting business in 2010. Then, because school had become a hobby for me, I got a MS in Software Engineering in 2017.

Nik Mehta
Co-Founder, Owner

I’m someone who finds the process of innovation very enriching. I schooled Marketing & Business Administration and carry decade of experience with fortune corporations; so partnering and mutual growth comes naturally to me. Something which I would like to share and experience on a daily basis.